e-Mobility Solutions in Tanzania

Affordable electric Motorcyles

Earn more with electric Bodaboda in Tanzania while spending less. Electric vehicles are here to stay. Be the first to enjoy the future of electric mobility. And save the Environment!

Go green with eMo Bodaboda

Unlike the petrol motorcycles, our eco-friendly Motorcycles will make the roads and our surroundings free from emission. No carbon fumes. There is no noise pollution either.

Powerful Battery

No fuel needed. You just need to charge or swap with a charged one.

Up to 90KM Ride

You can ride many trips of up to 90KM without charging the battery.

It Runs Faster

The eMo Bodaboda has the ability to run as fast as 60KM/hr.

Super Features

Zero Emission, Superpowers & Works Like Magic!

The eMo Bodaboda comes with extremely durable tires and parts. Powered with a 72V Lithium battery that runs up to 90KM at a maximum speed of 60KM/hr.

Why Go Electric with eMo Bodaboda?

Benefit to the RIDERS

  • Low energy cost as compared to fuel
  • High income as compared to fuel bodaboda
  • Low maintenance cost

Benefit to the GOVERNMENT

  • Direct employment of between 4,000 to 8,294 potential e-motorcycle taxi riders and up to 400 to 585 charging vendors in 5 years.
  • Tax benefits to the government.

Benefit to the SOCIETY

  • Cheaper mode of urban transport
  • Easy access of service due to technology application
  • Environmentally friendly-no noise and air pollution

Benefit to the INVESTOR

  • Become an employment creator and a pioneer of e-mobility transformation in Tanzania.
  • Earn reasonable profit after investing. Make a legacy.

Bodaboda Riders in Dar es Salaam Are Earning Less, While Working Longer.

Electric Bodabodas can save up to 60% of cost on energy and maintainance. This will help riders to finaly taste the fruit of their hard work. 


Riders Don't own the Bodabodas.

TSH of daily Payment to Owner

Avg TSH of Fuel Cost per day

Avg TSH of daily take home by the rider


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