Your Questions Answered About eMo Bodaboda

What is eMoBodaboda?

eMobodaboda is a two-wheel electric motorcycle that uses a motor instead of conventional fuel.

What are the benefits of using eMobodaboda?

There are many benefits of using eMobodaboda:

  • No fuel is needed just clean technology
  • No engine oil
  • Lower maintenance costs for a rider
  • Zero-emission
  • No noise

How long can battery last when fully charged?

Battery can retain power up to 8 hours(while driving the whole time.

How long can empty battery take to be fully charged?

    It takes 6 hours.

    How fast is eMobodaboda?

    Speed is up to 80km/h

    Can eMobodaboda carry a heavy load?

      It can carry a load of a minimum of 150kg.

      What is to be considered to prolong the battery life?

      • Battery should be charged for 6 to 9 hours for the first time before using it
      • Make sure battery is fully charged 100% during charging.
      • Always avoid discharging. Charge the battery timely after discharging.
      • Do not connect cathode and anode of charger during charging and discharging process.
      • Avoid using any conductor to connect both cathode and anode as this will cause short circuit.
      • Don’t dip battery into the water
      • Store battery in a dry place
      • Don’t put battery in the temperature over 60 degrees.
      • Charger must be the assorted one
      • Avoid to store battery for a long time without charging, it must be charged once in a month
      • If battery emit smell, heat, smoke, changed colour, distortion or any abnormal, stop using battery and seek mechanic advise

      How much distance can eMobodaboda travel when fully charged?

      It can travel up to 90km.


      What about availability of eMobodaboda spare parts?

        Most spare parts are available at common service stations.

        Special spare parts (i.e. motor, battery) are available at eMobodaboda shops.

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